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Love Education

About Love Education

Love, Dating & Relationship Education for Singles

Love & Relationship Education for People in Relationships and Marriages

About eClasses

Love Education eClass: Pattern Tracker

 Pattern Tracker

1-lesson eClass


If you are single, uncover the patterns behind your seemingly random partner choices and relationship behavior. Finally see and be enabled to stop dating and relationship patterns that have made it difficult to attract and keep a loving long-term relationship.

If you are in a relationship, finally understand whatís happening in your relationship and why. Discover love and relationship patterns you didnít know you had, that you are now recreating in your relationship, and which will likely lead to your relationship break-up.

You will have a powerful ah-ha! experience and finally gain clarity as to whatís been happening to your love life. You will gain insight and clarity that is often not available in therapy or other personal growth work. You will very likely uncover a pattern you have not yet seen and need to eradicate in order to have true love.


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