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About Telephone Teleseminars

A telephone teleseminar is a convenient way to attain love education in the privacy of phone call, while at the same time participating and interacting with people with similar concerns and interests.

Modern technology is amazing! Technology now allows people from all over the world to meet on the telephone, at one time, and hear and participate with each other as if they were all in the same room.

What’s more, this technology has become some commonplace that it is no longer expensive. There are no longer surcharges. The only things a person pays to participate in such a call is a normal long distance charge to his or her normal long distance company. With most long distance companies now charging 3c - 5c a minute, a one-hour call now costs about $1.80 to $3.00.

A telephone teleseminar is conducted over such a phone line, and it makes learning easily accessible. Rather than meeting in a traditional classroom setting, you simply use a phone, any phone, to dial into the teleseminar and to attend the class with other callers. This means you learn from the comfort and privacy of anywhere, without wasting time and resources on travel, parking, meals, lodging, etc.
Why should you enroll in a Love Teleseminar?

  • Learn from and interact with a real love expert, Love Coach Rinatta Paries, who has helped people just like you realize their love & relationship goals
  • Walk away with personal answers to your questions and personalized strategies to help you attain more love
  • Enjoy the live support and camaraderie of others wanting similar love success
  • Make connections with people in similar situations

Take a look at the upcoming Teleseminar and experience this way of learning for yourself.

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