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What People Say They Have Gotten out of Relationship Coaching



As a relationship coach working with singles to help them attract a great match, and with couples to help them put their relationships back on track, I hear great feedback about the value of coaching. Here are some of the wonderful benefits clients say they have derived from having a relationship coach:

  1. Finally met my match.

    Clients say over and over that due to having a relationship coach they have finally met their match -- a partner unlike any other they have had, where on top of attraction there is true compatibility in values, interests and desire for personal growth.

  2. Regained hope that I can be loved, that there is a right partner for me.

    Clients say they have regained hope in love, regained hope in meeting the right partner, regained hope in getting married, perhaps even having children.

  3. Never have to repeat that horrible pattern again.

    Clients say that as a result of coaching they are free from relationship patterns that would have them end up with the same partner, only with a different face, over and over again.

  4. Learned how to read people.

    Clients say they have learned how to understand others' motivations. They have learned how to see people clearly for who they are.

  5. Finally know exactly how to date.

    Clients say they are not longer confused about what to do and not to do in the dating world. They no longer have to worry about what men or women want when dating - they can now relax and be themselves.

  6. Learned how to have great communication in a relationship.

    Clients say they have learned how to create an environment where great communication happens. More than that, they never have to hold back, put up with something or stuff their feelings. And neither does their partner.

  7. Never have to worry about a broken heart out of the blue again.

    Clients say they have learned how to avoid heartbreakers. They also say they have learned how to establish relationships where problems are handled long before they lead to heartbreak.

  8. Learned how to deal with difficult situations in relationships.

    Clients say that now instead of being afraid that after the honeymoon their relationship will go south they know how to handle a relationship no matter what stage it's in.

  9. Improved all relationships.

    Clients report an improvement in all relationships, from coworkers, employees and bosses to parents, siblings and children. The improved relationships make for a better, easier, more fulfilled life, which in turn improves the romantic relationships.

  10. Can stand up for myself.

    Clients say they have learned that personal strength, boundaries and self-respect make for better relationships. They have learned how to say no, mean it and have the relationship be ok.

You deserve to have all of the benefits above. Although you can have any or even all of them without a coach, with the right relationship coach you can have them much faster and easier than you would otherwise. Will you get yourself a relationship coach to get you to the love you deserve?

Weekly Coaching Challenge

Which of the benefits on the list above hit home for you? What are you doing about getting there? How fast are you moving in the right direction? If you had a coach, what do you think would be different? Write to about what you learn and experience as a result.

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