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Coaching Clients Are Saying:

ďIíve been privileged to speak with Coach Rinatta Paries by telephone about some serious problems and questions Iíve had. Coach Paries tells the truth, which does not always feel comfy. And she is kind. She encourages honesty and compassion. Though some of my independent decisions have led to difficult lessons, I hear her urging me to love myself, build my strength, and talk straight from the heart. I admire her unusual capacity to move from the level of behavior and motivation to that of our inner guidance and the real possibility of joy. She has helped me to find my power again. I donít know what I would have done without her.Ē ~Nancy N.

"Thank you so much for the coaching session! I got more out of that one session than I did out of years of therapy. Your classes are incredibly enlightening also. Thanks again for your help!" ~Jackie



phoneAre you looking for Personal Relationship Advice and Help right now? Do you want to get answers to your most pressing single, dating or relationship questions? Do you have a love problem you need to resolve? Then a ProblemSolver telephone Advice & Coaching SessionTM may be just the thing.

In your advice & coaching session I will help you:

  • Solve whatís troubling you
  • Gain peace of mind and clarity
  • Get back in control of yourself and your situation
  • Get expert advice to help your heart and your sanity
  • Get a clear action plan to rescue your love-life
  • Finally get advice that feels right to you and is good for you

  • I am Love Coach Rinatta Paries and I have more than 10 years of experience helping people like you find answers to troubling dating, relationship and marriage questions and issues. Register for a ProblemSolver Advice & Coaching SessionTM to speak on the phone with me about your situation.

    How the ProblemSolver Advice & Coaching Session works:

    After you register for your session and we schedule it, email in your background information and questions. I will call you for our scheduled session - we will get right to work on your question/problem/situation. I will help you find the answers and solutions you have been looking for, using my expert knowledge of people and relationships. You will know what to do about your situation after our session.

    How to set up a ProblemSolver Advice & Coaching Session:

    1. Register for your session below, by calling toll-free 888-215-6033 or by email
    2. Email me your time zone, preferred session times, whether the session is urgent or not, and a phone number where you will be reachable for the session.
    3. I will respond with possible session times and we will schedule your session.
    4. Email me detailed information about your situation and what you would like to get out of the session.
    5. I will call you at our session time and we will get right to work to solve your love life, giving you peace of mind and clarity of action!

    Register for 15-minute ProblemSolver™ Advice & Coaching Session. $50

    Register for 30-minute ProblemSolver™ Advice & Coaching Session. $100

    Register for 45-minute ProblemSolver™ Advice & Coaching Session. $150

    Note: Most people do best with a 45-minute ProblemSolver Session. Choose a 15 or 30-minute session if you have financial limitations or very specific questions.

    Choose to have one or as many ProblemSolver™ Sessions as you like. You are never pressured into having another session. When you are ready for a follow-up ProblemSolver™ session, come back to this page and sign up.

    Many people do choose to have ongoing ProblemSolver™ Sessions on a regular basis, hiring me as their coach. Have one or two sessions with me to know if this option is for you.

    Questions, hesitations, problems, thoughts? E-mail or call me toll free (US only) 888-215-6033 so that I can help you decide if a ProblemSolver™ Advice & Coaching Session is for you.

    I hope to speak to you soon and have the opportunity to help your love life.
    Love Always!
    Love Coach Rinatta Paries

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