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Rinatta Paries
Your Love Coach


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Love Coach Newsletter #185, 6/5/05
(formerly Relationship Coach Newsletter)
Service of & Love Coach Rinatta Paries

    Welcome to this weekís issue, sent at your request!

    In this issue:
    2. How to Get the LOVE YOU WANT
    Universal Laws of Attracting and Creating Healthy Relationships

1. News

It's been almost two months since I put out a newsletter. I have been rebuilding my website, and finishing up an eclass that's long overdue. Both of these have taken much of my time. The website will look amazing when I am done. The eclass will be pretty powerful, and has only one more section to go.

I finally said enough is enough - you guys need to hear from me. I feel guilty not putting out the newsletter for so long.

Meanwhile I have been working with the universal laws of attraction. In the process I uncovered the universal laws for attracting and creating a healthy relationship and marriage. I have created two special programs based on these laws and am launching one of them in today's newsletter - see section 2 below. Take a look at the article in this issue for the actual laws.

If you really get these laws, you will absolutely have the love you want. Enjoy!

2. How to Get the LOVE YOU WANT


  • Are you struggling and suffering in your relationship or marriage?
  • Don't know whether you should stay or go?
  • Are you wondering if your relationship will fall apart?
  • Are you hoping your partner will change and wondering if the change will be for the better?
  • Are you struggling with communication, experiencing other relationship or marriage problems?
  • Can you feel something is not right, and are wondering if this is the beginning of the end?

I bet you are tired of it.
This is not what love is supposed to be like.

Transform yourself into a person who consistently gets what you need plus gets love in your relationship. Join Love Coach Rinatta Paries in a four-month-long, Fix Your Relationship Intensive Telephone Seminar. Participate in 8 intensive teleseminars and 4 intensive personal coaching sessions, designed to fix your relationship or marriage and transform you.

The intensive begins the week of 6/13 with your first intensive personalized coaching session to start fixing your relationship or marriage immediately!

Learn more by going to

3. Universal Laws of Attracting and Creating a Healthy Relationship or Marriage - the kind you have always wanted

For Jeanna, my friend and abundance coach (if you want to know about her - and you do! - go to

Below are the universal laws of attraction and transformation for deep love and long-lasting relationship or marriage. I did not create these laws, but observed them - in my own life and the lives of clients. I have observed them in the questions I get from readers of this newsletter. I have observed them in the lives of great teachers and ordinary people. Wherever I have looked, the people who are truly happy in their relationships and marriage, are not settling, putting up with, or suffering. The people who have the kind of relationship most of us want are living according to the following laws.

You may not like these laws. You may not believe in these laws. You may not think they are true or you may think they do not apply to you. You may think this is just more information that can't really help your love life.

However, the laws are universally true. Whether you are single, in a relationship, or married, if you apply these laws to your love life they will yield the soul-satisfying connection you have always wanted. For your sake, I hope you do. You can have true love and a healthy relationship or marriage, but only if you are willing to learn how to create it.

1. Know what you really want

Know the kind of partner and relationship or marriage you want to have.

2. Believe you will have what you want

Come to believe you will have what you want regardless of evidence, history, or logic.

3. Become clear and healthy about relationships

Become a person clear of your history and healthy enough to be capable of having the kind of relationship or marriage you want.

4. Choose Wisely

Learn to choose your partners, actions and words wisely, knowing that every action has long-term consequences for you and your love-life.

5. Know and understand yourself and people

Know and understand yourself-your needs, wants, issues, quirks - and learn to understand other people.

6. Know and understand love, dating, relationships and marriages

Know love and relationships, how they grow and develop, and how to keep a relationship or marriage healthy and thriving. Apply what you know.

7. Grow your emotional maturity

Learn to effectively deal with your emotions and those of others.

8. Act from truth and courage

Be honest with yourself and those you date/your partner. Be willing to speak up, or take other courageous action, rather than settle, suffer or put up.

Understand, apply and work with these laws and you will have the love you have always wanted. But how do you put these laws into action?

See section 2 above or go to if you are in a relationship or married.

If you are single, watch the newsletter in the next few weeks for a special program created just for you.

Love Always!
Your Love Coach,
Rinatta Paries

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Single, dating, in relationship, married, going through a breakup or dealing with an affair? Get real love advice & tips, info about essential learning opportunities free by email biweekly.

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